Profile Films


After making a booking with Profile Films we will arrange to meet and discuss idea's and plans for your wedding day. Profile Films visit all locations in advance, discuss arrangements with your vicar or registrar to clarify any filming requirements or restrictions that may be in place


As part of our service we have a number of wedding styles which couples may like to add to their production and put their own stamp to personalize their wedding day production.

Video Reportage

This is also referred to as "fly on the wall" and forms the base from which other styles can be added. It combines all the key moments of your day which are then crafted and blended together with images and music to form a believable and enjoyable film of your wedding. This unobtrusive style results in a film containing candid and informal shots which causes minimal disturbance to guests and family during your wedding day.


In this style of filming the videographer takes more of a controlling role in order to craft the images to reflect a more contemporary style in presentation. It will normally consist of certain sequences in the wedding day, bride arrivals, best man and groom or bride and groom. These montages are cut to music and blended into final film.


This provides a narrative to the wedding film, typically the bride and groom will give there thoughts, feelings, and hopes for their future together. Additional material may be added from family and friends or archive photographs of when the couple were younger. This style can give the viewer a more intimate and informative perspective of the couple and their wedding day.


Montages or highlight sequences are usually made up from scenes of the days events, this is set to music chosen by the bride and groom. This short review of the wedding day will often be an emotional rollercoaster of key moments which can be used to send to friends and relations who cannot make the wedding day.

Guest Wishes

Friends and family can be invited throughout the day to leave special messages for the couple, sharing their wishes and thoughts for their future together. This is also perfect way for the couple to capture their special friends and to reflect and remember in the future.

Special memories