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We have produced three standard wedding packages, we can however adapt any of the packages to suit individual customer needs as required. Please go to the (contact us) page for telephone and e-mail details.

The recording on the day is only the start of your production, it then takes many hours of viewing and editing to produce the final wedding video.

Standard or High Definition

With the advent of large plasma and LCD displays, high definition television is with us all, we can therefore offer all the above packages shot in high definition and authored to Blue-Ray disc. Due to the large file size with high definition, Blue-Ray is the current standard consumer storage format. Unless you have or are planning to purchase a Blue-Ray player or have a PS3 game system with a high definition compatible television the extra cost may not be necessary.


All packages include PPL (PFVD Private Function Video Dubbing Licence) and MCPS  LM Licence (Limited Manufacture Licence) up to a maximum of 5 copies - extra licence charge's for further copies.

Presentation DVD

We have various styles of wedding DVD case's to choose from and all DVD's are authored with menu and chapters, each disc can be printed with your own images to add a more personal touch .

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